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Hail to Heathen Health!

The body is our ultimate tool, and as such deserves much of our attention. It is the thing which is closest to us; The object that we most intimately know. Not only do we...

Laugardagr 1

Laugardagr: Saturday is Loki’s Day (Lokedagr)

The names of the days of the week have always interested me. Particularly, I remember wondering as a child while taking a German class; Why were the names of the week adopted from deities?...


Fimbulvinter, Jötunn, and the Lords of the Ice Realms

Somewhere deep in Jötunheimr exist a race of man-eaters. They are gluttons who exist in opposition to man and the Gods. These great enemies of the Gods and Midgard are the Jötunn; more commonly...