Monthly Archive: August 2015


Zach Bennett of Viking Fitness Ascends to the Gods

I recently had the pleasure of meeting up with Zach Bennett, the proprietor of Viking Fitness.  In our discussions of strength and the gods, he exhibited some of his skills climbing the boulders of...

Viking Workout 2

Viking Workout: The Aesir 9 Set Method

Viking Workout: The Aesir 9 Set Method The most brutal viking workout and training method in Iron Alchemy is the Aesir 9 Set Method. In my experience I have been able to pack on...


Runes of Power: Harnessing the Heathen Power

Runes of Power: Symbols serve as bastions of individual and group power for those who understand its proper usage. In another perspective, they are tools of communication which come from the gods. With both...