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Norse Mythological Creatures - Draugr 0

Norse Mythological Creatures

List of Top Norse Mythological Creatures From the sea, to land and sky, the Ancient Norse believed in ancient creatures that shared their abode. From Midgard and beyond here is our top list of...

Pagan Holiday Yule 0

Pagan Holidays: Celebrating the Heathen Spirit

YULE December 21st Other names: Winter Solstice, Midwinter, Yuletide   A Germanic pagan holiday that has linguistic roots only among the Germanic-speaking people. Historically, Yule was celebrated for 3 days starting on December 21st....


The Top 5 Runestones from Around the World

The Top 5 Runestones: A runestone is, as you may expect, a stone or boulder with a runic inscription. Most runestones were created between the 4th and 12th Century by the Vikings, or Norsemen,...