9 Noble Virtues

9 noble virtues

The Belief of the Superiority of Virtue is the Defining Trait That Connects Us to the Gods.

The 9 Noble Virtues Take Us To Them.

The 9 Noble Virtues:

I. Courage

In the pursuit of the Gods one must be courageous. One must be bold and one must be willing to take risks. Only the brave are rewarded in this world by transcending fear. Cowards die, but the brave live forever.

II. Truth

Like the Gods we are relentless in our quest for true knowledge. We are willing to sacrifice for it, and willing to accept it. This Virtue is not only one of seeking, but one of acting. Be true to others, and above all, be true to thyself.

III. Honor

Everything can be taken away from you. The Gods, Forces of Nature, and other Human Beings will gladly strip you of what is yours. But despite this, there is one thing that can never be taken away from you. That thing is Honor.

IV. Fidelity

Loyalty to Your Brothers and Sisters precedes all other human relationships in this world. Bonds of Loyalty are not broken without causing a chain of events which have an ultimately detrimental effect on both parties.

V. Discipline

The will is chaotic and must be forced to conform to the higher authority of the self. Having discipline means having the freedom to choose one’s own actions. Not having discipline means to fall victim to the whims of instincts and reactions.

VI. Hospitality

While solitude is important, so is community and building strong relationships with others. This is implemented on both a person-to-person level and in groups of more than two people.

VII. Self Reliance

We seek to do on our own what is within our capacity to do. The Gods only give to us what is theirs to give. All other things we have to seek out for ourselves.

VIII. Industriousness

Nothing worthwhile in this world is earned through idleness and laziness. However, we do not work simply to do it and keep ourselves busy. Being industrious builds character, but also builds honorable forms of wealth. It is an essential pillar to Virtue.

IX. Perseverance

The hardest times are those which ultimately lead us down new paths and take us to the next level. We openly ask the world to throw itself at us so that we may take the path least taken. In struggle we flourish. We always find a way to come through.

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