Black Sun Censorship

Regarding the Black Sun and its Censorship

Black Sun Censorship

Black Sun Censorship

The Gods our ancestors knew were usurped and dethroned. However, we are changing that paradigm, bringing their presence back to Midgard. Beyond the revival of our ancient religion, we are also bringing back our holy symbols. The Black Sun has arrived in our sky. Yet it is not immune to black sun censorship.

When I began Honor the Roots last year I would post pictures of the Black Sun. It was an esoteric symbol and to me, one that was quite fashionable to what we are trying to accomplish. However, Facebook would give me a 24 hour ban for posting the symbol. I didn’t think much of it and posted the symbol a few more times. The next ban was for 3 days, followed by another for 7 days. Each time Facebook warned me of further action against my account for continuing to violate its community policies.

After discussion with a few other page admins online, it became clear that Facebook was targeting certain symbols of our faith. The Black Sun was not alone in Facebook’s censorship. Another friend of mine was banned for posting the Odal rune on his Facebook page.

Who else has been banned for doing absolutely nothing?

If you haven’t been a target yet, consider yourself lucky. Facebook censorship is starting to gain steam and kick into high gear. Never did I think it would target our ancient symbols. The attack on Honor the Roots reminds me of a quote:

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” –Voltaire

Black Sun Vinyl Sticker Transfer

Black Sun

Perhaps in this instance, it should state, find out what you are not allowed to express. There is a subtle campaign against us. There is a policy of black sun censorship.

While it is clear that the church has lost its power over society, somewhere we have enemies who want to control the revival of our ancient religion. What I learned from posting the Black Sun was that the people in charge consider it a dangerous symbol. But the story is much deeper than that. It was a realization I came to slowly, but whole heartedly. The people in charge want to control the revival of our ancient religion.

That is why the black sun remains hidden. Still, it is rising. It reveals itself to those who seek it. Those who have the courage to act should discover its hidden meaning. There is something in this symbol so powerful and threatening there that black sun censorship would prohibit you from seeing it. Stay alert. While the church is decaying and has a weakened grip on the world, there are still enemies to our faith.

– Richard

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3 Responses

  1. Joshua says:

    It’s sad to say, but I can kinda see why. People now see it as a symbol for Neo-Nazism. So..maybe that’s why they keep taking it down? Sad to see such a beautiful symbol be associated with something so terrible.

  2. Marly says:

    It’s not just the church but also the politically correct movement who preaches all this anti-white tripe. What are we supposed to do? We’re bad if we are Christians. If we adopt things from other cultures its cultural approriation, and if we seek out old traditional roots, we are racist and fascist Nazis.
    You can’t win with the PC crowd.
    Will be getting a tattoo cover-up wth the Irumsel pillar with a black rising sun, the politically
    Correct social crowd will have to get over it.

    • genocidegerm88 says:

      That is a beautiful pattern.I first seen it on the vargismal.I have my whole nack emblazoned with a black sun with wotansvolk written above it&wotan beneath it.all hail the black sun&true raw energy

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