Honor the Roots: Pathway to the Gods

Laugardagr 1

Laugardagr: Saturday is Loki’s Day (Lokedagr)

The names of the days of the week have always interested me. Particularly, I remember wondering as a child while taking a German class; Why were the names of the week adopted from deities?...


Fimbulvinter, Jötunn, and the Lords of the Ice Realms

Somewhere deep in Jötunheimr exist a race of man-eaters. They are gluttons who exist in opposition to man and the Gods. These great enemies of the Gods and Midgard are the Jötunn; more commonly...

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The Circle of Jörmungandr: The Power of the Ouroboros

In Order to Transcend Human Limitations The Power of the Ouroboros must be harnessed. Everyone is familiar with the serpent that consumes its own tail. Commonly known as the Ouroboros, it is a being...