Go Upwards. Every Action. Every Deed. Every Moment.

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Real champions do not get lost on roads that lead to nowhere. Their map is instinct. They trust their gut & they follow their path relentlessly.

When the warrior ethos is colonized deep within your being, you would rather fight and die than succumb to a world against you. It is this spirit that forges a pathway to Valhalla and turns men into gods. This is the spirit that keeps us consistent! This is the spirit that makes us victorious!

To be successful there is only one rule you must follow. Everything else is secondary. That rule is to forge a pathway upwards. Every action. Every deed. Every moment.


A simple question to yourself is sufficient. Is this a path that leads myself upwards? If you say no, call your bullshit out and find a new outlet so you may answer yes to the ultimate question that is at the heart of every champion.

What is the difference between upwards and downwards?

To go upwards means to transcend daily life. It resides on a vertical axis. With this ability to gain mobility there is also the possibility to degenerate. This, however, is easily avoided when we follow the 6th Pillar of the Iron Alchemy. It states, “Long term satisfaction must take the place of short term gratification.” This equates to consistency. This equates to the total rejection of hedonism. Seduction by momentary gratification must be seen as fleeting, inconsistent, and base. It keeps us on a horizontal plane which permanently blocks access for us to ascend. To go upwards we must achieve greatness. We must become the best versions of ourselves. We must unlock the hidden potential within.

Movement and perseverance is the key. To ascend upwards one must be prepared for the climb. One must be ready to maneuver to the summit. This pathway to the gods requires action. Not just any kind of action, however. Forging a path up the mountain requires what the ancients in the Indo-Aryan tradition of India called “right action.” It must be done with a purity of the soul. The action must be oriented to planes of existence that are higher than this mundane and horrid existence.

The Actions of the Gods

Through the myths the gods challenge us to embark on a mission of action. Their acts are ones of self-sacrifice (Tyr, Odin). Like-so, they invite us to act courageously against a world that is set out against us. With every breath. Every moment. Every experience. Action provides the key to being fully alive in a world full of sheep and slaves.  The gods beckon us to own our lives, so we may live like no other men and women live in this time. vikingvector5

Do not deviate from the path you have laid before you. Set the standard high. The tidal waves can come. You will either ride them like a champion or sink to the depths and be consumed by the Jormangandr. Know that when you sacrifice yourself on the world tree there is a price to pay, but the rewards of self-sacrifice and action create a sling-shot effect. The exponential gains will always outweigh the costs.

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2 Responses

  1. Kelly says:

    “Everything else is secondary” what a great line that is!! I am going to remember this statement and apply it to my goals. I am always looking for new motivational techniques and sayings to keep me going towards my goals and not to get discouraged!

  2. Tisca says:

    Great article! It really touches my heart. We all have some pre define path in front of us. Now we have to decide how to cross it. We can do it like champion or we can just sit their and play the victim part.

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