Fimbulvinter, Jötunn, and the Lords of the Ice Realms

giant-of-frostSomewhere deep in Jötunheimr exist a race of man-eaters. They are gluttons who exist in opposition to man and the Gods. These great enemies of the Gods and Midgard are the Jötunn; more commonly known in popular culture as the Ice Giants (Frost Giants).

They are generally considered hideous beings, with few exceptions. Their hideous appearance corresponds with their nature. They are those who want to reign through the chaos of nature. In some sense they are the harbringer of acausal forces. These are the forces which our warrior gods who reign in Asgard want to not only contain, but control and utilize. Keep in mind this is where our gods get their most mighty weapons and items.

It is no surprise that the greatest enemies in our holy war are these creatures of ugly nature – for man is demon-monstersomething divine with the potential to become godly. These beings are not only fundamentally a chaotic and malevolent type, but also share a relationship with the characteristics of the world Jötunheimr or the home of the giants. This is the world that was created from the corpse of Ymir. It is a world without fertile soil, consisting of only a rocky landscape. The meaning to take away is that in Jötunheimr nothing grows.

Deep in this realm exists Útgarðar, a stronghold of frost giants. It is carved out of blocks of ice and snow. The imagery here is one of ice and cold. While not all giants are ice giants, many are.

Another place as well contains this sort of landscape. It is Niflheim, or “mist home.” – the coldest and darkest of the nine worlds. We finally get a glimpse of the fact that the forces of Chaos and those of Cold are married in a relationship that seeks to destroy Midgardians and Asgardians. When these two work together we see a frozen nature of ice and the rise of an unstoppable force. But ice also plays a bigger role in the great scheme of things.

man-in-iceThe great winter before Ragnarok is called Fimbulvinter. Literally this translates from Old Norse as “awful, great winter” or “mighty winter.” While we can imagine that such a winter is a physical reality, we can also see it as the metaphysical state of the current situation of the world. The spiritual aspect of our world is frozen. Access to the gods is cut off, and our spiritual capacities have been dimmed. This is how the man-eaters, the Jötunn attack mankind. In this state, Ragnarok arises.

This means before the end of the gods and the rebirth that follows from Ragnarok the world shall be frozen. Not by ice, but by an ice-like force. In this state, heroes are born; Men and women who will wage war against the enemies of humanity and the gods by generating an inner heat. This energy propels us ever upward. It hones our spiritual capacities and synchronizes them with the gods.

With the arrival of Fimbulvinter, we are at the front of the holy war. When it is over we shall see the rebirth of mankind and the gods.

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