Forge a Pathway to the Gods

ironalchemyForging a pathway to the gods means to follow the path least taken. It means Blood, Sweat, and Guts. It’s an obsession with self enhancement that never stops. In Odin’s footsteps we follow a path of self-sacrifice. We give up momentary gratification so we may possess long term satisfaction. We sacrifice so we may gain.


For the Iron Alchemy, this journey begins in the gym. It means dedication to ourselves amidst a barrage of degeneration and ugliness from the world that surrounds us. To forge a pathway to the gods we must slash through the bullshit and remain upright. Idleness and stagnation is the enemy. This battle will separate those worthy of Odin’s halls and those who are destined to disappear with the sands of time.

This is Odin’s imperative:

Ascend now or forever become part of the ugly masses!


Zach Bennett from Viking Fitness

This is why the gym is not only a place to train the body, but as a metaphor, it is a place to train the soul. Gravity is the enemy of all men and true gods. By countering the downward movement (gravity) that devours all things, we ascend. We grow.

Weight too is like a burden we must drag. It is training ourselves to push through adversity. To endure pain. The more pain the muscles go through, the more the body grows to face newer and stronger challenges. The growth we seek depends on consistency, dedication, and effort. All three must be maximized to climb the mountains that lead to Valhalla.

Midgard or man’s fortress of middle earth has been consumed by gravity and dragged down by its own weight.

To reclaim what is ours we must first begin with our selves. To forge a pathway to the gods we must first make ourselves worthy. Only the champions of Midgard will be able to gain entrance into Odin’s Halls. It starts with you and three principles:





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2 Responses

  1. Kelly says:

    This post is so true. It’s justa so sad that, today, so many people don’t understand this concept. People want their gratification now, they don’t want to put the hard work now to gain something much later. Excellent example comparing it to exercising!!

  2. Derek says:

    I love the way you describe the gymming as the pathway to God. We can replace the concept of exercise with the motivational thoughts. This way we can train our body as well as train our mind too.

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