Hail to Heathen Health!

heathen-healthThe body is our ultimate tool, and as such deserves much of our attention. It is the thing which is closest to us; The object that we most intimately know. Not only do we know it, but we are it! Our body is the first object that we have access to, so it must be conditioned and trained to be useful in Midgard. We must wield it like a sword or axe, for the body is a weapon – the ultimate weapon. Not only is it a weapon, but it is a tool. Most importantly it is a vehicle for the gods to impregnate us with divinity. The body is a vessel and thus, we must treat it as such. Physical fitness and health is of great concern to those who seek to live a life under the guidance of the gods in Valhalla.

Like the runes which inspires us, our body is also a symbol and a message. It is a projection of who we are on the outside, which corresponds to who we are on the inside. It is the first message you send to somebody before talking to them for the first time. This is why in our community tattoos play such a large significance. Yet, tattoos mean little to nothing without a proper heathen body.

Being a message and symbol aside, however, the BODY as a tool and weapon plays the greatest role in unraveling the meaning. If you care about being a heathen, you will care about your body. Honoring the body is the same as honoring the gods and showing respect to yourself. This is not the same as to say our bodies are to be the copies of those present in the force-fed media images. In the past few decades, pressure has been on both men and women to achieve those standards. Disregard them. This is psychological warfare used for reasons I shall not discuss here. Take no part in it.

So, then, what does it mean to have a Heathen body?

The essential components that vitalize the heathen body are not limited to just exercise alone. There is a triad at play here that includes the sun, water, and air. The sun (SOL) invigorates us and shines with radiant glory. It is a symbol in its own right. The sun is a great friend of the HEATHEN.

woman-and-waterThe HEATHEN body also seeks out purity which is found only in water as its primary drinking source. That is not to say that we cannot enjoy our sugary substances from time to time, but being concerned about our health means water should be the majority of our fluid intake. Drink lots of it and make sure it’s clean. I refrain from speaking about ale and mead here, but you should drink lots of that too! AND PLEASE use a drinking horn as you do!

Air is also the substance that fills our lungs and makes the processes of the body possible. It is the other pure substance which our bodies require. The best place for the Heathen to find this is outside. NOT IN THE CITY, but in the forests and in the mountains. Whatever geographical location you find yourself in, it’s the place that is away from the urban areas.

These things are fundamentally connected with happiness and vigor. Without them our bodies are useless, dull, often full of poison and misery. As we focus on these things and incorporate them into our HEATHEN lifestyle, we shall become more radiant like the sun. As we increase our radiance and happiness we will also increase our body’s health. Our body’s health is firmly connected to our ability to use it. The more effective that we can use our bodies, the better we get at pursuing our goals and following our paths as Heathens in this world.

Hail to heathen health!

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