Runes of Power: Harnessing the Heathen Power

Runes of Power: Harnessing the Heathen Power Within

Runes of Power

Runes of Power:

Symbols serve as bastions of individual and group power for those who understand its proper usage. In another perspective, they are tools of communication which come from the gods. With both of these perspectives in mind, we must also understand that the human mind must fixate itself upon objects in order to function properly. Odin seized the runes so that you would have the opportunity to use them for this purpose. The runes of power are tools for ascension into godhood. They transform mortal flesh into heroic matter capable of domination.

Rune of Power: Uruz

Rune of Power: URUZ

There are many runes of power. All of which will be required to complete our full body transformation in the Iron Alchemy. The first rune is Uruz. This rune of power corresponds with strength.

A lot of heathen scholars have pointed the origin of the rune to be symbolic of the horns on an auroch, a mighty European bison. The rune also serves as reference to Audhumbla, the mighty cow that is typical to many of the Indo-European traditions and their creation stories.

However, orienting ourselves to this rune is not enough. We can study it and dissect it without ever achieving our goal. To practice this inner alchemy and transform ourselves, we must become the living and breathing rune of pure strength. Uruz must reveal its self to us and we must become it.

Another rune discussed in the Iron Alchemy is Hagalaz. The force of this rune is like the lightning that extends from Thor’s mighty hammer. It is raw and generates itself. When harnessed, it is particular to a certain type of being, i.e. a regal warrior. It represents the concentration of power into a particular place.

Rune of power: hagalaz

Rune of Power: Hagalaz

Through discipline the destructive force of Hagalaz is subdued. Wisdom is the fetter that directs such raw energy. As such, it is as transformative as Uruz and goes hand in hand with those aspiring to forge a pathway to the gods.

Hagalaz is also the ninth rune, which bears an important significance in the Iron Alchemy. This significance is discussed in the workout Aesir 9 Set Method.

Learn these runes of power by focusing your mental attention on them. Draw them whenever a pen and some spare time meet together. Spend time daily with a clear mental image of them in your being. They will invigorate your psychic energy. They are the runes of body building. They are runes of a new type of raw and unbridled Heathenry.

Practice with the Runes of Power:

The goal of the Iron Alchemy is to become living and breathing runes. Spiritual work must be done before a holy transformation of the flesh and spirit can take place. The runes of power must be placed within your being by your own will. This is accomplished by spiritual practice.

In our current times the distraction of the world remains a constant in our lives. Unless an individual is spiritually awakened, the prison of this world is only broken by sleep and meditation. If one is not realized within, then freedom does not exist. The unawakened person resembles an animal more than a human being. They only respond to the environment and never act as free agents. This is how the fates control the lives of men.

To break this chain and insert the runes into the soul, one must find time for solitude daily. Any place shall do, as long as the environment does not tinker with the mind. As your skills develop and the pineal gland is pried open by your own work, this rune work and meditation can be practiced even amidst the busiest environments.

vikingwoman2To begin, close the eyes and get in tune with your body. Feel your heart thunder. Enjoy the feeling of flowing blood that circulates throughout your entire organism.

After a few moments turn your focus onto your breath. Fill the lungs in slowly for 9 seconds. Pause for an amount of time and release the breath for 9 more seconds.

As you repeat this, notice how you become settled in your being. You become settled into the vessel that is your body.

Continuing this process imagine that there is only yourself and the rune Uruz. With each breath in you are consuming the rune into your lungs. With each breath out you are releasing every energy that is not related to this rune.

Continue this process until you feel saturated in the power of Uruz.

Harnessing the Runes of Power with Advanced Runic Pineal Training

The previous exercise focused on the lungs. We now want to do the same thing with our pineal gland.

Located between the eyes in the forehead, it has been called previously the “third eye.” Identification of this area is crucial to harness the runes of power.

With your eyes closed, focus your psychic energy onto the spot where the third eye is located.

Now, imagine that instead of breathing through your nose, it is your pineal gland that acts as the doorway for breathing. With each breath inward, bring it in through your third eye. Each breath outward is to leave through the bottom of your feet.

As this process happens, inhale the rune of choice. Feel it saturating your entire body. Take the opposite and inverse of the rune out as you breath out. Continue this process until you can envision the rune within your being.

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