Iron Alchemy of the Gods: Turning Your Body into a Force of Pure Domination

ironalchemymanThe Body and the Will are intimately connected. So it follows that a strong body is only a shroud over a stronger will. By turning our body into a vessel of pure strength, we put our will into flesh. By putting our will into flesh we make ourselves like gods.

By blood and iron we forge the pathway that allows us to ascend to the gods. By becoming strong, we take the necessary actions to destroy all that is weak and pathetic within. Strength means the total annihilation of all that is merely mortal and replacing it with the creation of the stuff that makes up heroes. This is alchemy and thus magick.

But the cost is also consistent with the price of the rewards.

Thus taking upon yourself the Iron Alchemy is:

  • Painful
  • Mentally Consuming

It also steals your time; Moments in which the norns have allotted you only so many of; Moments that you will sacrifice and never get back.

Despite this, those of us who seek the iron alchemy of the gods do so for reasons the mediocre may never fathom. The first, is building pride. We seek to build our bodies because it fills us with pride. Pride drives us as we grind our teeth, moving the weight through the force of our will and body. We strain to gain, making ourselves subservient to the higher goal.bicep-curl

We desire to be strong because we desire to be great. We desire to become gods, not because it is our birthright. Indeed, no, only a fool believes they deserve something they haven’t worked to obtain. We merely desire that which others say is beyond our reach. We desire that which is furthest from our reach. We desire to become a force of pure domination. First in our wills, which then enslaves our bodies. Next this force spills forth into the world. Its ethos colonizes itself into the material world as we grasp the weight and move it. Becoming a force of strength is difficult, but not impossible to obtain.

You can spend your time as a slave to the world. You can spend your time as a slave to sloth and mediocrity until the Norns lead you down the path towards your ultimate fate. Most choose this path or perhaps this is the path that is chosen for them. Either way it matters little.

uruzThe heroes, the men who become gods, however, choose another path. They spend their time learning the Iron Alchemy of the Gods. They aren’t vain pursuing the comforts of the modern world, living like cattle waiting for the slaughter. Instead, they have seen the gods who reign above men in Valhalla. They know how to get there. This, they desire more than all other things.

The Iron Alchemy of the Gods is a religious practice of pure fucking iron and blood. It’s not for the weak and pathetic. Its magick that turns your body into a force of pure domination. HAIL and CONQUER fellow HEROES.


Iron Alchemy


IRON ALCHEMY 2nd Edition is finally available.

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9 Responses

  1. wasp says:

    for 3 years ive tried to learn my self an teach myself the ways and laws I suffer an illness for last 15 years I struggle to pick up a pen are you suggesting its time ive wasted and no way to the great hall for people without body streangh have I wasted my time brothers

    • says:

      If you have lived honorably and to the best of your capability then you should not fret my friend. Iron Alchemy is simply a secret alchemy to become one of Odin’s Warrior Elite. We must remember that the Aesir are fundamentally warrior-gods. However, there is a place for all in the great scope of things and the All-father’s vision.

  2. Jason Wright says:

    Is a hard copy available, or planned?

    • says:

      Sure is! But it will be a few more months down the road. We are trying to raise funds to get them to print. It will be an expensive expenditure for us.

  3. Chakra says:

    how much just for the t shirt?

  4. Zak says:

    What does 2nd edition mean!? Is the 1st addition another book!?

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