Wooden Box with 4 Rune Dice (24 Runes)

Rune Dice with Wooden Box – Set of 4

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Handcrafted box with 4 rune dice. There is a rune on each side of the die. 24 elder futhark runes all together. Makes casting your runes easy and fun.

These 4 Rune Dice includes Box.

Material: tin

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Product Description

Rune Dice


The Elder Futhark transcribed onto 4 Rune Dice. Each side contains 1 Rune for easy casting and reading. The Ancient Norse Runes were seized by Odin and now they are yours to use. This product comes with a handmade wooden box. Beautifully and skillfully crafted.


The Runes are used to fortune telling, spell casting, and divination. They were generally used by warriors and priests to denote the property of weapons and other items. Norse Shamans used them for magic. In modern society, the runes are now used for heathens and pagans to gain a deeper understanding of the pagan religion. Casting the runes gives insight into our personal lives and our destinies. They are also used to look at the meaning of the current state of the world.


These rune dice are a perfect gift for a significant other or yourself. Use them to gain a deeper understanding of our pagan symbols, your life, and your destiny.


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1 review for Rune Dice with Wooden Box – Set of 4

  1. 5 out of 5


    Really nice, smaller than I expected, but perfect enough.

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