Black Sun Ring
Black Sun Ring

Black Sun Ring

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Black Sun Ring by Honor the Roots

This Black Sun ring contains the most mystical and mysterious symbol used by Norse and Germanic Pagans today. It is an ancient sunwheel and is known by many names, including the Sonnenrad and the Schwarze Sonne. The Black Sun plays an integral role in initiation and has significant occult and esoteric uses.

Some people claim that there was a time before the sun we see in our sky was there. Instead there was a more ancient sun rising and setting each day. Speculation has attributed the planet Jupiter to being the original sun of our solar system. However, others have claimed that the black sun was the original solar entity.

Whether this is pure speculation and fantasy, or some resemblance of truth may be hard to discover. However, we do have many artifacts of ancient sunwheels. The Black Sun has been found all over Europe in many variations. Some artifacts reveal the Black Sun with only 4 spokes, but the number varies. Twelve Spokes is the highest number found. Some say the 4 spoke wheel represents the seasons, while the 12 spoke wheel represents the months.

Our Black Sun Ring contains all 12 spokes on the sunwheel that was found. An ancient vestige of the old Alamaani tribes, the Black Sun is a symbol that predates the Roman Empire. The black sun was typically found on belt buckles and brooches of aristocratic warriors.

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