Black Sun Vinyl Sticker Transfer

Large Black Sun Vinyl Sticker Transfer


Black Sun Vinyl Sticker Transfer. To be used anywhere. High quality and made to last. Put on car windows, walls, home decor, laptops, and more. The black sun is a germanic occultic symbol and has gained notable popularity among germanic pagans and heathens in the recent decades.

SIZE: 6 in. X 6 in.

COLOR: Black

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Product Description

Black Sun Vinyl Sticker


This black sun vinyl sticker contains a divine symbol used by our most ancient ancestors. In those days the black sun adorned garments and belts of the warriors and priests. Artifacts dating thousands of years old have been found scattered throughout the European continent with the same symbol. Today, the Germanic sun wheel is used by current pagan and heathen groups as an esoteric symbol. It is a symbol largely targeted by censorship due to its affiliations in the past. Shrouded in imagery and hidden meanings, the meaning of the black sun is debated. One meaning suggests the black sun is a symbol of opposition against the current trend of forces that dominate the world. For many today, the black sun represents a force that is hidden and still emerging. It is a heathen force that will reemerge when the time is right.


Why does the black sun remains hidden? Regardless, it is rising. Those who have the courage to act should discover its hidden meaning. There is something in this symbol so powerful and threatening there that black sun censorship would prohibit you from seeing it.


This black sun vinyl sticker is perfect for windows, laptops, and more. This adhesive is printed in black and easy to apply. Comes with step by step instructions.

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