Black Viking Ring

Black Viking Ring with Nordic Dragons

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$30.00 $19.99

Black Viking Ring

Features Exquisite Dragon Knotwork.

  • Made from Tungsten Steel without Added Cobalt
  • Guaranteed to Last
  • Resists scratches and deformities
  • Offered in a Variety of Sizes
  • Premium Craftsmanship and Quality



Product Description

Black Viking Ring

Our ancestors showed extreme craftsmanship when making their ships, their weapons, and their jewelry. They were some of the best artists and artisans this world has ever known. Following the noble virtue of industriousness, the vikings created many beautiful objects. Being known today for their adventurous spirit, they traveled to distant lands seeking wealth, battle, and adventure. For this reason, their artifacts are still being found all over the globe today. Following their footsteps, this Black Viking Ring is no different. In their memory, it was inspired by the many superior items they crafted centuries ago.

Made from the high quality material known as Tungsten Steel, this black viking ring is going to withstand scratches and nicks. Tungsten is a hard material, almost four times the hardness of titanium. Measuring a 9 on the on the Mohs scale of hardness, only a diamond is superior measuring at a 10. Tungsten is a material that is known to always stay polished, even under the most extreme conditions. Because of its superior craftsmanship and the material used, it is guaranteed not to deform. This Black Viking Ring is going to withstand the test of time and use.

Our ancestors loved knotwork designs and dragons, and Honor the Roots does too. That is why we used silver inlay depicting the image of a knotwork dragon. The detail is exquisite. Because of the black background, the knotwork of the nordic dragon is vivid and visible from afar.

We are incredibly proud of this product and is one of the best Viking Rings on the market. We have seen our rings used for a variety of things, including weddings. What you want it for is up to you. This Black Viking Ring is a perfect gift for your significant other, or just yourself.


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Additional Information


10, 11, 12, 13, 9

3 reviews for Black Viking Ring with Nordic Dragons

  1. 5 out of 5


    I hope these get restocked. Dying to get my hands on one

    • :

      Megan, more are here 😀

  2. 5 out of 5


    I love this awesome ring, just look at it speaks for its self!

  3. 5 out of 5


    The numbers how big are in mm?

    • :

      Size 9 = 59.3 mm
      Size 10 = 62.2 mm
      Size 11 = 64.7 mm
      Size 12 = 67.2 mm
      Size 13 = 69.7 mm

      Finger Circumference.

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