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Fenrir Pendant


Superior Design and Quality. This Pendant Comes with a Necklace Cord.

Product Description

Fenrir Necklace

Sick of having only a Mjolnir? It’s time to get something else. This Fenrir Necklace is designed with beautiful Nordic Knotwork. It comes with a black necklace cord. The design on the pendant is on both sides.

Fenrir, AKA Fenris, is the Father of all wolves. Belonging to the race of Jotnar, Fenrir is a gigantic creature that grew at a rapid pace. He represents a raw and unchanneled force of chaos. The chaos wolf is the son of Loki. Odin realized that the wolf posed a danger to the gods and would play a significant role in Ragnarok. To stop this, he decided to put measures in place to stop Fenrir. During a tricky deal that did not go in the gods favor, Tyr, known as the bravest of the gods put his hand into the mouth of this beast. He did this so the other gods could bound the giant with a magical chain. This shackle was made by the dwarves. After realizing he was tricked, Fenrir took action and revenge. He snapped down on the sinew and bones of Tyr. He became notorious for biting the hand off of Tyr, who would become known as the one-armed god. Fenrirs damage did not end there. He is also known as the killer of Odin, the god who sought to prolong or even put an end to the coming of Ragnarok. However, that victory was very¬† short lived as one of the sons of Odin took vengeance for his father’s death. Balder was one of the only original Asgardian gods left to survive the destruction of Ragnarok.

The Fenrir Necklace should be worn by those who find a strong affinity with wolves and the coming of Ragnarok. Its superior design and high quality material makes it an item worthy of the gods.

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