Heimdall Statue
Heimdall StatueHeimdall Statue

Heimdall Statue

$99.99 $64.00

SIZE: 11.2 x 7.1 x 4.6 inches

Material: Premium Cold Cast Resin

Hand Painted so no statue is the same.

Product Description

Heimdall Statue by Honor the Roots

This Heimdall Statue depicts the legendary Norse God that watches the rainbow bridge known as Bifrost. He stands with a mighty viking axe in one hand. In the other, Heimdall blows upon the Gallarhorn. It has been said when he sounds the mighty horn, the noise can be heard in all 9 worlds. However, be warned. When this noise blasts from the Gallarhorn in Asgard, the enemies of the gods are gathering at Vígríðr. This is the plain where many of the gods will die. The trumpet sound marks the beginning of Ragnarok and will summon the gods to meet for the final battle.

Gallarhorn was more than just a sound trumpet. It has been written in the lore that Heimdall used the horn to drink from Mimir’s well. Thus, like the one-eyed All Father Odin, Heimdall gains knowledge. In the ancient days of our ancestors horns also played a vital role in the lifestyle of the people. More than just an instrument of utility, horns were used for sacred rituals. Horns were designated for strictly religious practices and were untouched by profane use.

This Heimdall Statue is crafted in high quality cold cast resin. It is hand-painted to guarantee quality and give the impression of luster found on casted bronze metal. Heimdall’s laces and the design on the horn are painted in a gold paint.

Heimdall wears a braided mustache that drapes down to his chest. His helmet incorporates curling ram horns, a symbol that was very important to the ancient pagans. He also wears viking armor, as he is ready to warn the gods of Ragnarok and participate in the final war. His axe is large a decorated in Norse design. It is ready to cut the heads off the giants in the great plane.



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