Viking Drinking Horn Tankard
Viking Drinking Horn Tankard 2Viking Drinking Horn Tankard 3Viking Drinking Horn Tankard

Large Viking Drinking Horn Tankard


Made from 100% High Quality Cow Horn.

Each Horn Holds approximately 800ml of liquid (27 ounces).

Over 6 inches tall.

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Product Description

Large Viking Drinking Horn Tankard by Honor the Roots

Need to put your drinking horn down? Dont know where to set it? Worry no longer. Our tankards solve this problem while still letting you drink your poison like a Viking. Our Large Viking Drinking Horn Tankard is completely handmade from 100 percent Cattle Horn. Created with high craftsmanship, they are also polished – making a beautiful finished product. Each tankard is truly unique, with natural horn colors and patterns that vary on each one. These Drinking Horns are perfect for home use or reenactments.

We have designed these to give it a perfect shape. Since these are natural products, the item you will receive will differ from the photograph in color and texture. However, just because every horn is unique in nature in color and design, the quality of each is maintained. The Cattle Horn is of the highest premium quality, as is the craftsmanship.

That said, these tankards are not just drinking vessels. They are truly works of art. They are built to last. These are not some cheap reproduction you will find elsewhere. They are the real deal. 

Each Horn has its very own story. It was alive, it suffered through scars and scrapes. It took a shape that was truly its own. Each Viking Drinking Horn Tankard has its own story.

These beautiful items are 6 inches in height or taller. They hold approximately 800 ml of liquid (27 oz!!).




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