Mannaz Mjolnir Necklace
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Mannaz Mjolnir


Product Description

Mannaz Mjolnir with Eagle

The eagle is a symbol of strength and death in Norse mythology. The Eagle was also an image consistently found in the battlefield with the dead bodies of fallen warriors. For this reason the Mannaz Mjolnir was made with the eagle’s head.

An eagle was one of the three birds of the god Odin. The other two were Ravens. Odin is actually pictured with an eagle when he is not with his ravens. It must also be noted, Odin occasionally took on the form of an eagle, as did the other gods and Giants. And in the branches of the world tree known as Yggdrasil. There, it flapped its wings and created the winds in Midgard, the world of humans.

Many images of the eagle appear in stone carvings dating from the era of the Norse gods and found in Scandinavia. They also appear frequently on helmets and small brooches. The Eagles curved beak distinguishes this bird from Ravens which have straight beaks.

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