Mannaz Pendant Rune Necklace

Mannaz Pendant Rune Necklace


This Mannaz Pendant reminds us of our our own humanity and our ability to push past all human barriers. This runic necklace is used to enhance our own bonds and perfect our own human-ness. Made from palinated tin.

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Mannaz Pendant Rune Necklace


This Mannaz Pendant is inspired by the rune found on the eldar futhark. Mannaz is the rune that is directly translated into man. As such Mannaz is also a symbol that represents mankind. It has the power to push past barriers, but also a gentle reminder of our mortality and short comings. However, this gives humans a special privilege that even the gods cannot attain. In Norse paganism and other mythologies, the gods were often jealous of the mortality of human beings.


On an individual level Mannaz represents awareness of the self. It is a symbol of consciousness and an awareness of the moment. This rune is actualized by practice, study, and a steadfast commitment to the self. When cast, this rune positively reflects an intention to grow and fulfill ones destiny.


The Mannaz rune also binds individuals to groups and communities. The symbol shows your commitment to yourself and your destiny. It shows commitment beyond the self and to structures of higher organization.


This Mannaz Pendant reminds us of our own humanity. This rune necklace enhances our bonds and urges us to push through our own barriers. Use this runic necklace as a reminder to force yourself to go beyond what you are currently capable of. Mannaz is a rune of self enhancement.


Mannaz = Man


“Even man can go through the greystone.” – Korpiklaani


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