Odal Rune Viking Hoodie
Odal Rune Viking Hoodie Pullover

Odal Rune Viking Hoodie


High Quality Pullover Hoodie

Printed on Gildan 50/50 Cotton

Exclusive Runic Design

Made in the USA

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Product Description

Odal Rune Viking Hoodie

The Odal Rune Viking Hoodie contains the graphic of one of the most powerful runes in the Elder Futhark. The Odal rune (aka as the Othala rune) literally means homeland or ancestral lot. It is connected to the long lineage of previous ancestral spiritual power. It is most commonly known as the rune of inheritance. Futhermore, the Odal rune has linguistic meaning in the germanic root w­­­ōd. This connection suggest a relationship with W­­­ōden or Odin. It is also important to note that the root w­­­ōd also refers to “raging” or “inspired.” Thus, those who follow the path of Odal also follow the path of Odin. It is why this rune brings about ideas, dreams, and visions. Odal is the rune of bards and warriors alike.

The Odal Rune Viking Hoodie is made of the highest grade materials. Our exclusive design is printed on a Gildan 50/50 Cotton Pullover Hoodie. The rune is grandiose and drawn representing the spirit of traditional Norse knotwork. The Odal rune embodies the power of ancestral spiritual power. Above the Odal Rune on this Viking Hoodie towers the higher self. This warrior stands proud and erect. He is inheriting his destiny, towering above the odal rune itself. He represents mastery, inspiration, and Odin himself.

Below the Odal rune is the depiction of a mountain. The mountain is a traditional esoteric symbol, which represents struggle and journey. The peak of which expresses perfection and the highest state. Erecting out of water, the mountain has conquered all that is material. As the water runs down to the base of the mountain, it has surpassed all circumstances, even time itself.

All of Honor the Roots apparel is made from the highest quality materials available. Our designs are also printed in the United States by American Vikings. All purchases have a money back guarantee. And as always, all U.S. orders have free shipping.


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