Odin Statue with Wolves and Ravens

Odin Statue with Wolves and Ravens


Premium Quality Cold Cast Odin Statue. Measures 10.5 inches tall.

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Product Description

Odin Statue

Honor the Roots presents our Odin Statue. It is a premium product measuring 10.5 inches tall. The entire sculpture is made with incredible detail – front to back. The bottom has a slide proof velvet piece that guarantees the safety of the statue.

The sculpture depicts Odin, the All-Father. High above the world in Asgard he is sitting on his throne named Hliðskjálf. This seat allows him to watch everything that is happening in the nine worlds. The Odin statue also includes his wolves, Geri and Freki. These two have names that translate literally into “Ravenous” and “Greedy One.” Also depicted are his infamous ravens Hugin and Munin. Their names translate directly into “thought” and “memory.” Because he sends the two ravens into the nine worlds every day, Odin has often been called the ‘Raven-God.” It is also of no coincidence that both of these animals are predators. Geri, Freki, Hugin and Munin often go forth into the battlefield to feast upon the slain. While they are loyal companions of Odin, his ravens and wolves also represent his shape-shifting capabilities. Odin is the chief warrior god of Asgard. The other gods are said to follow him as they would a father. Odin is the patron of warriors and skalds, mystics and magicians. Hail One Eyed!

Our Asatru Statues are made with high craftsmanship and premium materials. Made from cold cast resin, the sculpture is large and heavy and guaranteed to impress. We have finished the piece with a metallic luster that gives it a natural metal look. Our Odin Statue makes a perfect addition to any pagan household. A beautiful accessory to bookshelves, desks, tables, and more. We promise that you will be thrilled with the quality of the item. High Quality and Fast shipping makes this item a great purchase. However, quantities are limited so get yours before we run out.

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