Ox Horn Viking Mug
Ox Horn Viking Mug 2Ox Horn Viking Mug 3

Ox Horn Viking Mug

$49.99 $30.00

Holds approximately 12 Ounces of Fluid.

Every mug is approximately 6 inches tall.

Variations in each mug do occur.

Product Description

Ox Horn Viking Mug by Honor the Roots

This Ox Horn viking mug horn is a natural product created from the might Ox. Since every animal is unique and each horn carries with it its own personality, so every mug differs in its color and weight. Natural processes in making this item also furthers each one’s uniqueness. The mug has been polished on the outside and on the inside. It is made from one piece of buffalo horn, so no cheap manufacturing processes have gone into its production.

Each mug is made from only one Ox Horn and the base on the bottom is made from high quality wood. They are then sealed together very tight with beeswax. The melting point of beeswax is 144 degrees, so be careful to not put very hot drinks in it! This however, does not take away from the beauty or usefulness of this item. It has been made for consumption of beer or mead, but this mug can be utlized for anything your Viking spirit wants to drink: scotch, bourbon and even wine.

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