Raido Pendant Rune Necklace

Raido Pendant Rune Necklace


This Raido Pendant comes attached on genuine leather cord. Use this rune necklace to protect and enhance yourself. Raido is the rune of travelers and journeys. Made of patinated tin.

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Raido Pendant Rune Necklace


This Raido Pendant Rune Necklace is for travelers and those who want security in their journeys. Whether across large distances or in life Raido is a rune of protection. Literally translating into “ride” and “journey,” this rune is found on the elder futhark. With a little variation, it may look familiar as it is a symbol found all across Europe. It is strikingly similar to the letter R in Latin and Gothic script.


This rune has an esoteric significance as well. Raido protects life’s travelers. It is also a guarantor of communication. It can lead to unexpected destinations and provide startling changes. This rune can also positively lead to unions and destinations. When cast Raido has the power to lead one to one’s goals.

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