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Black Rune Set

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Natural Black Agate Rune Set with carved runes and gold colored inlay. Contains all 24 Futhark Runes and a blank rune.

Comes with your choice of a black or blue drawstring bag.

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Product Description

Black Rune Set Collection

Honor the Roots presents our Black Elder Futhark rune set collection.

These runes were ancient characters that unlocked the mysteries of the universe. They were used by Germanic tribes and  their use was spread out all across the European continent. While the elder futhark was the oldest runes used by our ancestors, their use was replaced by the Anglo-Saxon and Younger Futhark Runes during the medieval period. Forgotten for centuries, it was not until the 1800’s that their use was revived thanks to the Norwegian Scholar Sophus Bugge. The mythology of our Germanic ancestors tells us the runes were seized by Odin while he hung, pierced upon the world tree with a spear. The runes are Odin’s gift to us and now they are yours to use.

The runes were made according to their sounds. Therefore, their names are representative of their native sounds. As well, poems were developed by Skalds to delve deep into the meaning of each rune and reveal their inner mysteries.

This rune set collection contains all of the oldest Elder Futhark Runes. Additionally included is the Blank Rune. The following are all runestones included in the rune set:

Fehu – Uruz – Thurisaz – Ansuz – Kenaz – Gebo – Wunjo – Hagalaz – Nauthiz – Isa – Jera – Eiwaz – Perthro – Algiz – Sowilo – Tiwaz – Berkana – Ehwaz – Mannaz – Laguz – Ingwaz – Dagaz – Othala – Blank Rune

Included in this rune set is your choice of a drawstring bag. Choose either Blue or Black.

Our collection of runes are high quality and handmade on natural black agate stones. Each set is uniquely crafted by nature and man. Every collection contains its own personality. This premium rune set is guaranteed to stand the test of time and use.

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Bag Color

Blue, Black

3 reviews for Black Rune Set

  1. 5 out of 5


    I am pleased with this item. I am starting my study of the runes and this is perfect.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Thanks!!! This is a great set of all the elder futhark rune stones. Craftsmanship is great. I loved my blue velvet bag.

  3. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I am very excited about my new rune set. I have been studying rune lore and practicing rune divination for years. People experience divination in different ways. Rune reading heightens awareness, and gives perspectives and foresight. Reading the runes brings me closer to my gods and goddesses and connects me with my forefathers, and dead relatives and friends in my dreams.

    This particular rune set from ‘Honor the Roots’ is exceptionally beautiful. These black stones are solid, and all of the gold ink inscriptions are stark and well carved. I could instantly feel their energy when I picked them up, and it was powerful. I had a glorious consecration and now their energy is my energy, and my energy is theirs. Through these vessels, and myself as a vessel, I will reach new levels of the higher self.

    I have had readings every day since I received these. Thank you, Honor the Roots! It is fantastic to see our old traditions honored and practiced in our modern age.

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