Troll Cross Necklace
Troll Cross Odal Rune Full View

Troll Cross Braided Necklace with Viking Dragon Heads

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Forged deep in the fires of Helheim comes this Troll Cross. Made of Iron. Specifically crossed into the Odal Rune, this Pendant is used for protection against trolls. At the end of the leather necklace are two viking dragon heads.

Product Description

Troll Cross Braided Necklace with Viking Dragon Heads


This Troll Cross necklace is made of curved iron. Forged deep in the Viking Fires of Helheim this necklace is guaranteed to aid you as a symbol of protection. It is attached to a braided leather necklace with two Norse Dragon Heads at each end.


The Troll Cross is a variation of the Odal (Othala) Rune symbol from the elder Futhark. Metals were known to our ancestors to protect people against evil and malicious spirits. Iron was and is continued to be used to break spells and destroy the effects of witchcraft. The troll cross also contains an esoteric symbolism. It wards off “trolls” in our daily lives. It has been reconstructed by modern heathenism to be incorporated into a plethora of pagan symbols.

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1 review for Troll Cross Braided Necklace with Viking Dragon Heads

  1. 5 out of 5


    I love everything about this necklace. The braided leather is genuine. The dragon headed terminals are exquisite. Plus I love how heavy duty the Troll Cross is. Hails!!!

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