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Ulfhednar Shirt with Viking

Ulfhednar Shirt

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Introducing the Ulfhednar Shirt

The Ulfhednar (pronounced Ulf-heth-nar) were a group of Viking warriors who originated from ancient Norse religious rites (most likely those involving Odin, chief Viking God who was most venerated by the Vikings, had two giant wolves as pets, and was destined to be swallowed by a giant wolf at the battle of Ragnarok). The Ulfhednar wore wolf skins, and their own skin was black-died. These howling warriors of Odin were so wolf-like in behavior and ferocity that they inspired/influenced later European werewolf folklore.


Like the Berserkers, they preformed chants and ritual prior to battle to get in a “Berserker Rage”, when, through adrenaline, they became much stronger ( possibly upwards of ten times stronger than normal. Anymore and their joints and ligaments couldn’t take it) and faster, became immune to pain, and bled less.


Unlike normal berserkers, these warriors wielded no shields. They eventually merged with the Berserkers in name, yet continued to prefer their own methods (wolf skins, etc).


It was said that to kill an Ulfhednar, you had to crush their heads. Thus like Zombies, you have to go for the brain. A heavy weapon like a club or mace could do the trick, but in reality other methods could be used (decapitation, stabbing the spine to invoke paralysis, etc).

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Small, Medium, Large, X-Large


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