Valknut Pendant

Valknut Pendant


Valknut pendant. Size: 2.5 x 2.8 cm.
Well known viking symbol from runic stones (for example: Tängelgårda stone on the island of Gotland, Sweden, VII. Century). It is a symbol of viking nine worlds and is connected with Odin.

Product Description

Valknut Pendant

This valknut pendant is a magical symbol for warrior types. Particularly it is used by heathens and pagans who swear allegiance to Odin and want to fight alongside the gods during Ragnarok. Valknut literally translates into “the knot of the fallen warriors.” It has been found in archaeological remains from the Viking and Anglo Saxon worlds.  Typically, when a valknut is found, Odin is also near. This is true for engravings of the valknut as well as for those who decide to wear Odin’s symbol. This symbol is also strongly connected to the deceased as is apparent in its linguistic meaning. The Valknut can be found all over Europe and is a very popular symbol on erected Rune Stones.

The symbol itself represents the 9 worlds of existence. It is created through the fierce binding of three triangles. The Valknut also has the power over both life and death, as it weaves both into a knot. This Valknut pendant is to be worn by those who swear allegiance to Odin in both life and death.

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