Valknut Ring
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Valknut Ring

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Valknut Ring by Honor the Roots

This Valknut Ring has the legendary interlocking triangles. Together they form 9 separate spaces that represent the 9 worlds. These planes of existence are located on the mighty tree known as Yggdrasil. Midgard, or the Middle Fortress is the realm in which we belong. It is said to be the middle world or plane located on the World Tree.

The word Valknut translates from Old Norse into “Slain Warriors” and “knot.” It has been found on many historical objects across Europe. The Valknut symbol also has a variant known as Odin’s Horns. This symbol consists of 3 interlocking horns that form very much the same patter. This symbol was first found on the Snoldelev Stone located in Denmark.

On all the viking artifacts that have this symbol, Odin is also found. In the few exceptions where Odin is not with the Valknut, we find his animal companions. The Ravens, Hugin and Munin, are located near the Valknut on several artifacts. Their names translate directly into “Thought” and “Memory.” In other ancient vestiges left to us from the vikings, are his wolves. Their names are Geri and Freki. Geri’s name translates directly into the “Ravenous One,” while Freki’s name translates directly into “Greedy One.”

The Valknut is not only associated with Odin. As you might have guessed by its name, the viking symbol is also associated with Death. It resembles the journey from Life to Death and then back to Life. It reveals Odin’s powers as the gate keeper. He is the shaman capable of binding all things.

This Valknut ring represents all of these things. It is a symbol of Odin, his presence, and death. To wear it is an honor that must be lived up to by noble nature. The side of the ring contains exquisite Nordic weaving. It is a premium item offered at a great price, but once we sell out this item will not be in stock again.

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