Vegvisir Ring
Vegvisir Ring

Vegvisir Ring

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Vegvisir Ring by Honor the Roots

This Vegvisir Ring depicts one of the most popular runic symbols from the Vikings. It is also known as the legendary Viking Compass. Vegvisir literally translates into “guidepost.” It is a symbol native to Iceland. Derived from Futhark runes, the symbol was crafted and used by the ancients as a magical charm. Its use was kept in secret by esoteric and occultic groups until a magical spell book was published in the 16th century, which depicted the ancient symbol. It was used as a spell of protection, particularly guiding travelers from getting lost on long journeys.

This Vegvisir Ring represents one of the many Galdrastafir or Magical Staves or Sticks that are commonly found in Iceland. At the end of each stick that extends from the center is a symbol that contains magical potent properties. These magical sticks control and manipulate energy in the favor of its user.

While Stafir refers to the sticks and staves that extend out on the compass, Galdra literally tanslates into singing or song. This reference refers to the ancient craftsman and shamans who would sing rune poems while working with magical symbols.

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1 review for Vegvisir Ring

  1. 5 out of 5


    This ring is incredibly badass. Its pretty big and the details are exquisite.

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