Super Awareness through Piracetam: Concoction of the Gods

Super AwarenessThere are many ways to Honor the Roots and there are many ways to Ascend to the Gods. The best way, however, is constantly struggling to be the best that you can be. To become ELITE in all ways, everyday. This is an honor to your ancestors, the gods, and especially to yourself.

While an elite body, and an elite character is one thing, an elite mind is something different altogether. To Ascend to the Gods you must train and master each.

Keeping your mind sharp is no easy task. Knowledge plays a crucial role. This is why it is important to read the myths and histories of our ancestors. But the mind’s foundation is not built on knowledge alone. No, it is also built with consciousness. To Ascend to the Gods you must hone your consciousness into a sort of super awareness.

There are many ways to achieve this. However, none are superior to any other way. Meditation is the most commonly known and perhaps loosely practiced. However, time constraints by the modern world make any sort of advancement in this field difficult without a total life dedication. For most of us, this option is out.

Our ancestors knew other ways. Plants contained the ingredients for powerful concoctions that produced great warriors like the Berserkers. They were also used by priestesses and shamans to open their third eye, so they could drink from Mimir’s well and gain knowledge like Odin.odin in snow

While our ancestors did have endless forests and countless ingredients, this is not fully available to us in this current age.This is why I choose to take Nootropics. These are the substances which turn men into Gods and create super consciousness.


Nootropics refer to a category of supplements which greatly enhance the cognitive power and function of the brain. Their side effects are relatively low (I’ve never experienced any negative effects from them), and most nootropics are incredibly safe.

Out of all the types of nootropics I have tried, by far my favorite is Piracetam. This nootropic requires you stack it with a precursor like Choline to be more effective and protect yourself from side effects such as headaches. A majority of the population (I have read up to 90%) are deficient in Choline, so stacking Piracetam with Choline is a win-win. Choline itself is also a nootropic so you are pushing through the limitations of the ordinary power of your brain.


The first time I took Piracetam and Choline I noticed within the first hour a vivid change in my visual perception. The very way things appeared to me had changed. Everything was much more lucid and clear than before. I could see the smallest details in objects, and experienced color schematics in ways that I had never noticed in the past. I also found myself more sensitive to music, as if sound could produce an ear-gasm. I felt as if all my life I was in a dream, and suddenly, I was finally alive and awake. I thought this must be how Valhalla is like.

piracetamWhile my eyes had seen the beauty of the world, my brain was also awake. Over the next few weeks I discovered that I was able to put together sentences more fluently than I had ever been capable of doing. It had become easier to find words for saying the things I wanted to say, even the things I didn’t know how to put in words. My memory improved and I was able to remember minute details of events and situations that occurred days and weeks prior.

If you are going to pursue nootropics, you don’t need to waste your money on a encapsulated form of nootropics. You can get these at places like, but don’t do it. I’ve tried these in the past, not only are the expensive but they are ineffective.

Instead, you need to buy bulk powder. This gives you control over the dosage that your body will react best to.

CLICK HERE To get your Bulk Piracetam from PEAK NOOTROPICS. This is the site I use, and the only site I will purchase from. They have the best prices around.

If you do start taking the concoction of the Gods, I suggest that you use this milligram scale to get out your dosage. The one I use is HERE.



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