Zach Bennett of Viking Fitness Ascends to the Gods

Zach Pose 1I recently had the pleasure of meeting up with Zach Bennett, the proprietor of Viking Fitness.  In our discussions of strength and the gods, he exhibited some of his skills climbing the boulders of the forest. “Climbing,” as he said, “is not only a physical endeavor, but a spiritual one. It mimics the struggles and conquest of our daily life.” Check out this video as he climbs upside down, and finally mounts himself on top of the rock. And if you haven’t already check out the new Honor the Roots Youtube channel and subscribe!


It is possible that the ancients, who ignored mountain climbing or only knew some rudimentary techniques (and therefore knew the mountain as an inaccessible and inviolable entity), were consequently lead to experience it as a symbol and as a transcendent spirituality. Considering that today the mountain has been physically conquered and that there are few peaks that man has not yet reached, it is important to keep the conquest from being debased and from losing its higher meaning. Thus, it is necessary that the younger generation gradually come to appreciate action at the level of ritual and that they slowly succeed in finding again a transcendent reference point. It is through this reference point that the feats of audacity, risk, and conquest as well as the disciplines of the body, the senses, and the will that are practiced in the immovable, great, and symbolic mountain peaks, lead men to the realization that all in man is beyond himself. In this way these feats will be justified in the context of the spiritual revolutionary movement that is currently emerging among our people.

– Julius Evola, Meditations on the Peaks

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  1. Ian says:

    Really motivational! I must say I love this video of Zach Bennet. BTW which song is playing in background, it’s very motivational!

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