Algiz Rune Meaning

Algiz Rune Meaning

Algiz Rune Meaning

Algiz Rune Meaning

Pronounced: “AL-haz”

The Algiz Rune is also known as Eohls, Elho, Elhaz, Algz


The Algiz Rune Meaning

The Algiz Rune Meaning has been notoriously discussed as the life rune. It represents a world pillar with 3 branches upon it. This symbolism refers to a tree reaching upwards into the heavens. It is representative also of the horns of an elk, and the elk-grass as well.

Algiz is a powerful rune of protection. Algiz represents the best defense that exists in the elder futhark runes. The horns of the elk contain the ability to wound as well as defend. This rune should be utilized as a powerful shield against physical and psychic attacks. The Algiz rune represents the supreme power of the man, supported by the beyond, in the divine quest to uphold the world order set by the gods and the general defense of Midgard and Asgard.

Algiz is the rune connecting the gods to the human, the force bringing the human consciousness towards Asgard.

Algiz Rune Poems


The Elk-sedge usually lives in the fen,
growing in the water. It wounds severely,
staining with blood any man
who makes a grab at it.

Old Norse

No Old Norse poem exists for the Algiz Rune.

Icelandic Rune Poem

No Icelandic Rune Poem exists for the Algiz rune.

Algiz Rune Meaning for Divination and Casting

Algiz Rune


Elk – protection, life, life-rune, good luck through striving, success in a quest, upward


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