Ansuz Rune Meaning

Ansuz Rune Meaning

Ansuz Rune Meaning

Ansuz Rune Meaning

Pronounced: “RAH-eed-Ho

Also known as Rad, Reid, Raido

Ansuz Rune Meaning

Pronounced: “AHN-Suz”

Also known as Os, Ans, Anz

The Ansuz rune refers to communication. It is typically regarded to mean mouth. Assumed by this connotation is the inference to speech. As a rune of communication it must also be inferred that Ansuz should be considered the rune of the mind, consciousness, and mysticism. As such, this rune represents Odin and is a powerful rune for initiation.

This rune also serves as a reference to breath, which also has a deep connection with the mouth. For those with prior esoteric knowledge we can make the claim that breath is akin to spirit. Therefore Ansuz is a rune of communication as much as it is a rune of the spirit. Ansuz activates poetry and inspiration. While Ansuz is a rune of wisdom and knowledge, it is also a rune for the artist and the occultic student.

The Ansuz rune has also been seen in many artifacts from the past. Depicture of the rune is also found in ancient staffs and rings.


Ansuz Rune Poem


The Mouth is the source of every speech,
The mainstay of wisdom,
And solace of sages,
And the happiness and hope of every eorl.
Old Norse

The river mouth is the aim of most journeys
but a scabbard is the sword’s.

Icelandic Rune Poem

Ansuz is the ancient father,
and Ásgard’s chieftain,
and the leader of Valhalla.

Ansuz Rune Meaning for Divination and Casting

Ansuz Rune

The Aesir – Divine, inspiration, knowledge, wisdom


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