Berkano Rune Meaning

Berkano Rune Meaning

Berkano Rune Meaning

Berkano Rune Meaning

Pronounced: “BEAR-kawn-O”

The Berkano Rune is also known as Beorc, Berok, Bairkan, Bjarkan

Berkano Rune Meaning

The Berkano rune meaning refers to a direct reference to the Birch tree. For anyone who may  be unfamiliar with it, the Birch Tree contains mythological symbolism for the themes of youth and regeneration. The Berkano rune also directly alludes to the female form, as the symbol itself represents the breasts of a woman, or the belly of a child bearing woman. As such, this rune is representative of birth as its countless linguistic roots also prove.

Also representing the funeral mounds, Berkano represents rebirth after destruction. Since this rune is widely associated with spring it is representative of the Norse goddess Ostara. This rune communicates fertility and the feelings and freedom that are embedded in the female mysteries.

Berkano Rune Poem


The poplar bears no fruit;
yet without seed it brings forth suckers,
for it is generated from its leaves.
Splendid are its branches and gloriously adorned
its lofty crown which reaches to the skies.

Old Norse

Birch has the greenest leaves of any shrub;
Loki was fortunate in his deceit.

Icelandic Rune Poem

Birch is a leafy twig
and little tree
and fresh young shrub.

Berkano Rune Meaning for Divination and Casting

Berkano Rune


Birch – renewal, healing, recovery, regeneration

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