Hagalaz Rune Meaning

Hagalaz Rune Meaning

Hagalaz Rune Meaning

Hagalaz Rune Meaning

Prounounced: “Haw-gaw-laws

The Hagalaz Rune is also known as Haegl, Hag, Hail

Hagalaz Rune Meaning

Hagalaz is a powerful rune of both creation and destruction. Also known as Hagal, the rune has been literally translated to mean hail and it’s sign might be compared to the chaos caused by a sudden hailstorm. It is also interesting to note, that later interpretations of this rune, particularly in the younger Futhark express Hagalaz much like the chaos symbol. Likewise, this rune represents an essential disturbance in your life. At the point when Hagalaz is connected with different runes, it can recommend constraint, intrusion, or delay, and suggest an entire alter in course. Hagalaz can likewise mean enduring, hardship, sickness, or damage. This however, is only the negative side of the rune and it has a much deeper meaning. The Hagalaz rune is the transformation of static nature into something more fluid and flowing.


Hagalaz is the first rune of Heimdall’s Aett. Another interesting thing to note about Hagalaz, is that it is the ninth rune of the Elder Futhark. Being the ninth rune, it represents a very special number. In fact, the number nine speaks to the force of ” 3×3 “, the nine universes circulated on Yggdrasil in three levels. 9 is a sacred number in the Norse cosmology. Odin, for example hung for 9 nights. This is also why the Valknut is divided into 9 separate quandrants, and 3 differing triangles.

As I mentioned before, one negative aspect of Hagalaz is solidified and gnawing nature. When translated in the strictest sense, Hagalaz signifies “hailstone”. It is the changed water of its fluid state to strong in no time flat. It is the brutality of the hail that thumps on the harvests and the houses. Ice can have a very damaging affect. After the harm is perpetrated, the hailstone turns out to be again water. A substance that typically seems to be positive in regards to our perceptions of it. Subsequently, the possibility of change and the need for recollection is forced upon us by this rune. For instance the hail changes the scene then comes the melting of the ice. The environment is changes once again into something tampered with. The scene is changed. This imagery provokes a sense of destruction in our minds.

Hagalaz is the rune of the unconscious where the thoughts are conceived. It is a rune that is able to destroy wyrd which builds the present on the past events. Hagalaz allows the humans reaching the past still acting energies to the present, and offers them the power to evolve in their own existence, in a way that breaks the bondage of contingencies.

Hagalaz has the power to transform us on the basis of our very own foundations. As the hailstone, Hagalaz can pummel and destroy. It may appear with us at any time whatsoever or whenever. Then it may melt by the heat of the sun so that the scene begins anew. This metaphor extends far past that of a terrible storm. The Hagalaz rune in some cases requires to overhaul our arrangements totally. It is likewise the seed or the egg from every one of the creatures begin, a notion that is more particular to the Younger Futhark version of the rune.

Hagalaz Rune Poem

The Anglo-Saxon runic poem reads:
‘Hagal is the whitest of grain, it is whirled from the vault of heaven and tossed about by gusts of wind and then melts into water.’
The Norwegian runic poem reads:
‘Hagal is the coldest of grains; Christ created the primaeval world.’
The Icelandic runic poem reads:
Hagal is cold grain and driving sleet and sickness of serpents.’

Hagalaz Rune Meaning for Divination and Casting

Hagalaz Rune Meaning


Hail – chaos, hard water, disruption by natural events, unpredictable and uncontrolled forces


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