Ingwaz Rune Meaning

Ingwaz Rune Meaning Ingwaz Rune Meaning

Pronounced: “EENG-waz”

Ingwaz Rune is also known as: Ing, Ingvas, Enguz, Iggus, Ingvarr, Ingwar

The Ingwaz Rune meaning is deeply tied to the history of ancient Europe. It is a solar rune that has a multitude of meaning. Ingwaz is a rune that refers to the ancient hero named Ingwe. Ing’s legacy is that of the father of the English. Thus we have “Ing-glish.” There is also a Viking Age story of the hero Ing. The shape of this rune is in reference to how England was historically seen by the Roman’s who called it a “diamond.”

Ingwaz is quite literally then the son of man. As such the Ingwaz rune represents a seed of renewal or the regeneration of life. It also characterizes a ruler or king. Others have misinterpreted this rune to mean love. However, this is not necessarily the case and there is no reason to believe it as such.

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