Kenaz Rune Meaning

Kenaz Rune Meaning

Kenaz Rune Meaning

Kenaz Rune Meaning

Kenaz Rune Meaning

Prounounced: “KEN-ahz”

The Kenaz Rune is also known as Ken, Kan.

The meaning of the Kenaz rune is found in the original German word “kien.” This literally translates to pine or fir tree. In old English the meaning refers to a torch made from pine. This was known as the “Kienspan.” This connection makes Kenaz the rune of illumination or knowledge.

Other linguistic ties to this word brings the meaning of the rune to more light (pun intended). The Scottish term “ken” means to know something. Furthermore the German root “kan” means to generate something. Kenaz has a connection with knowledge, illumination, as well as fire and heat.

Kenaz is a rune that signifies all aspects of creativity. It represents skill, and is the rune of artists and skilled laborers

The Kenaz Rune signifies awakening and growth. It alludes to shaping, molding, and creation in a positive sense. While fire is destructive unchecked, under guidance it leads to the creation of beautiful things. In one instance fire can illuminate, and in another instance it can forge.

Since Kenaz is directly related to fire, it symbolizes a purifying and transformative force. Unattended it will either go out, or grow out of control. However, with focus the fire serves a useful purpose. Its form also represents a later rune called Isa, which means Ice. Kenaz is the Ice broken in half.

Kenaz Rune Poem


The torch is known to every living man
by its pale, bright flame; it always burns
where princes sit within.
Old Norse

Ulcer is fatal to children;
death makes a corpse pale.
Icelandic Rune Poem

Disease fatal to children
and painful spot
and abode of mortification.

Kenaz Rune Meaning for Divination and Casting

Kenaz Rune Meaning

Illumination- logos, creativity, increased abilities and skills, understanding



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