Naudiz Rune Meaning

Naudiz Rune Meaning

Naudiz Rune Meaning

Naudiz Rune Meaning

Pronounced: “NOW-These”

Also known as Naudhiz, Nauthiz, or Nyd.

Naudiz Rune Meaning

The Naudiz rune is characterized by the two wooden sticks, that when rubbed together create fire. It is symbolic of friction as is evident in the rune poems. This rune largely symbolizes obstacles. In a positive outlook it can be used to overcome the challenges that are “necessary” for advancement. The fire created by the friction of Nauhiz has the possibility of melting ice.

Friction makes Naudiz the rune of the trial. It could also be called the rune of the ordeal, and or the experience that makes transcendence and change possible. It communicates that we must give in at times to the necessary things that must happen. They say need begets innovation and the ordeals caused by Naudiz may be used to acknowledge to acquire the skills necessary for overcoming of present troubles. This rune invites us to overcome the troubles of our current epoch, and have faith in what will be gained afterwards. It welcomes us to acknowledge our destiny (wyrd ) and work through it. Hardship will necessarily bring results if survived and the heat generated from friction will melt ice.

Naudiz Rune Poem

Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem

Trouble is oppressive to the heart;
yet often it proves a source of help and salvation
to the children of men, to everyone who heeds it betimes.
Old Norse Rune Poem

Constraint gives scant choice;
a naked man is chilled by the frost.

Icelandic Rune Poem

Constraint is grief of the bond-maid
and state of oppression
and toilsome work.

Naudiz Rune Meaning for Divination and Casting

Naudiz Rune

Need – trouble coming, the breaking of ice, necessity,

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