Thurisaz Rune Meaning

Thurisaz Rune Meaning

Thurisaz Rune Meaning

Thurisaz Rune Meaning

Pronounced: “THUR-ee-sahz”

The Thurisaz Rune is also known as Thorn.

Thurisaz Rune Meaning

The three syllables of this rune have misled many on understanding the rune. For the sake of simplification here I will claim that the rune ultimately derives from Proto-Indo-European “tur” or “twer‎(“to rotate, twirl, swirl, move”).

Thurisaz has been commonly misunderstood as the rune of the legendary god of thunder, Thor. It must be noted however, that there is no historical nor esoteric evidence of this. It must also become obvious that such a meaning would belittle the significance of the entire Elder Futhark (to understand this more look at Chapter 7 : Rune Pairs). Thurisaz does not come from Thunar or Thunder or the “Thurs” in Thursday. While these cognates do come from the same source, that source is not based on Thurisaz.  Old Norse Thórr comes from the older Old Norse form Thunarr. In Anglo-Saxon (Old English) the form is Thunar. In Modern English this word comes up as thunder and the “Thurs-” in Thursday, which comes from Anglo-Saxon Thu(n)resdæg (Thor’s Day). The root postulated for Proto-Germanic is thunra, which means both “thunder” and “Thunder-God.” The Proto-Germanic goes back to a posited Indo-European ten, from which comes Latin tonāre (to thunder). Derived from the Latin is English detonate.

Based on the etymology of the rune, it is clear Thurisaz represents the jotnar (giants). But more specifically we can say that if the first two runes represent force and strength respectively, then we can view the Thurisaz rune as a rune of power. In this view the first three runes share a special connection.

This rune also brings about the concept of protection. Thorn, as it were, is the protector of plants.

Thurisaz Rune Poem

Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem

Thorn is very sharp; for every thane
who grasps it; it is harmful
and exceedingly cruel
to every man
who lies upon them.
Old Norse Rune Poem

Thurse causes the sickness of women;
few are cheerful from misfortune.
Icelandic Rune Poem

Thurse is the torment of women
and the dweller in the rocks
and the husband of Vardh-runa.

Rune Meaning for Divination and Casting

Thurisaz Rune

Thurs/Jotnar – Violence, conflict, aggression, complexity, innate



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