Wunjo Rune Meaning

Wunjo Rune Meaning

Wunjo Rune Meaning

Wunjo Rune Meaning

Wunjo Rune Meaning

Prounounced “Woon-yo”

The Wunjo Rune is also known as Wyn.

The meaning of the Wunjo Rune embodies the concepts of enjoyment and celebration. It is the moments in life that can be defined as happy. It is very simple in its nature. The Wunjo rune is the calm after victory over an obstacle in your life. The Wunjo rune expresses the notion that true joy and satisfaction can only come after hardship. One must carry the sense that happiness can be found in the struggles of life and should not necessarily be sought for afterwards.

In addition to just personal well being, the Wunjo rune also signifies a time of companionship. It is a rune of winning. This rune is deeply connected with the Vanir, who unlike the warrior gods of the Aesir, were in the most common sense fertility gods. This is expressed in the German word “wunna” which means meadow. The connection to nature and her fertility is explicit.

The Wunjo rune meaning suggests a time of comfort and harmony in your life. It represents a period of good fortune, happiness, and  positive feelings. However, it should be noted that all good things come to an end and life is a flux of events that go upwards and downwards.

It may be interesting to not here that the Wunjo rune, when combined with the gebo rune, looks very similar to the symbol that Emperor Constantine saw in the sky at Battle of the Milvian Bridge in 312 A.D. This symbol is known as the Chi-Rho symbol and can also be considered to be very similar to the Skull and Crossbones symbols. Some occultists have already pointed out that the connection to the wild huntsman, or Odin.

Wunjo Rune Poem


Who uses it knows no pain,
sorrow nor anxiety, and he himself has
prosperity and bliss, and also enough shelter.
Old Norse

Not available for the Wunjo rune.
Icelandic Rune Poem

Not available for the Wunjo rune.

Wunjo Rune Meaning for Divination and Casting

Wunjo Rune

Joy – Pleasure, satisfaction, happiness, celebration, recognition of worth







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